Que Plan

Que is a 12 week program.

The participants meet once or twice a week for 2 hour sessions.

Each member will be assigned to the workshop of their choice.

Each band is composed of 3-5 members. Solo performances are also encouraged.

The workshop routine is as follows:

6:30 – arrival/meet and greet/hang out/loose jam time/setup

7:00 – Workshop begins. The members are exposed to different perspectives on different types of music or skills depending on the selected workshop or instrument, but just as importantly different ways of hearing music, with the emphasis on what to listen for in each other.

8:00 – Workshop ends.

Please note that each member and band has a mentor/coach/producer to help guide the process.

8:45 – cleanup

Second four weeks: rough schedule

7:00 – arrival/hang out/loose jam time/setup

7:15 – Workshops as adapted to needs/interests expressed in first four weeks: music theory, music appreciation, band dynamics, instrumental workshops

7:45 – ensemble workshop: Having had first four weeks to play with each other, youth, having been exposed to new this and that, take things back into their own hands and sort themselves into bands, and come up with goals as band. Next four weeks are dedicated to developing/honing sound. Each band has a mentor/coach/”producer” to help guide the process.

8:45 – cleanup