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Example Page of Mini Post-it Book Of Quotations

Example of Mini Post-it Book Of Quotations

This quote is relevant to my thinking because it is conveying my dismay of capitalism, and its effect as system on the government. When we have a system that is only profit based and apply to the government and her services, that’s when a country begins to deteriorate. It also worries me, because when profit is the only cause for a system of government, people begin losing their basic human rights that can be found on the UN chart. For example, we find that shelter is in the top three basic human rights. People in corporate or industry invaded cities like the city of Boston, the people are not protected when it comes to housing and rent, which is a right for every citizen. The prices of rent keep rising, original tenants and local are being kicked out of their homes and neighborhoods. Most of the neighborhoods in the greater Boston area are being gentrified, and the life conditions aren’t improving, nor are the properties. Why is that? Because it’s profit based, and according to capitalism, that’s how the system should be without any acknowledgment of basic human rights. We have politicians who are greedy as the system and don’t propose simple solutions like rent control. The government doesn’t issue any regulations. This is why we have banks getting away with fraud, thanks to the capitalist corporate laws that passed in congress. Another major issue or social cause is healthcare. Healthcare turned into a privatized system that is supposed to generate profit rather than provide medical care for those who are in need of it. Healthcare in America became a privilege, rather than a right.




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