Metaphor As An Artistic Tool

tofoul logo shaded 1200 dpi

I use the alien symbol or logo as a metaphor or artistic tool. What does the alien present? Or what is it a metaphor for? It’s about me feeling alienated in the west, like a legal alien and foreigner. I felt I was visiting from another planet. I was so sheltered living in my alien head in a higher-dimensional reality. Like an extraterrestrial who was walking on the ground, different, noticeable but not approachable. My girlfriend joked and said it’s the persevered attitude of New Englanders, but I still think it’s a creative and wonderful metaphor of my existence in New England. My thoughts are futuristic. Human brutality and violence disturbed my inner-being. I like to observe human behavior and they bewilder me. Sometimes, as an alien with my top hat, I perform. I say verses that addresses their lack of awareness, and try to awaken them to realities that can be improved, transformed, and changed. Humans have the capability to create more advanced civilizations, and live in peace. They are just ruled by the worst of their kind.


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