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QUE, Quality Urban Education, wants to foster a sustainable music culture in Boston, a goal that cannot be fully realized unless opportunities are created and safe spaces are made available to citizens across neighborhoods, class lines, and racial lines.  Urban and Inner city youth who do not have access or exposure to large facets of Boston’s vibrant local arts culture could in particular benefit from such opportunities, and access to such workshops. The goal of our community-based project is to foster a youthful music community that is closely tied to the adolescents’ lives at school, at home, in their neighborhoods, and as they develop artistically as active members of the larger Boston music scene. With the fostering of this community we seek to enable the youth of Boston to realize their own creative and musical ambitions. We believe that positive reverberations will quickly be felt in the various home communities of our program’s participants, and in each and every corner of the city of Boston, and its music culture.

This twelve week program that ends with a showcase, includes workshops on music theory, music appreciation, band dynamics, and instrumental lessons. The participants after being exposed to the different perspectives of band members, will get to select their role in a music band. The members would meet once or twice a week for 2 hour sessions. They will be assigned to one of the following workshops based on their personal choice:

  1. Singer’s Corner.
  2. Bouncing Bass.
  3. Play Lead (Guitar).
  4. Drummers Dream.
  5. Keyboards Time.

Each workshop will be taught by volunteer musicians, some who have been established in the local scene.  Instruments will be provided during the program. Each member will then be paired with other members from the different workshops and form a band. Each band will have a mentor and coach. There is no standard for the bands. The QUE program culminates in a concert at the gallery where the workshops take place at central, Cambridge. The program is set up to be flexible according to the interests and passions of the participants. This is reflective of our highest goal and that is to fully enable teen musicians to realize their own ambitions. The project nourishes these ambitions, and expands the youth’s idea of what they can explore and achieve. We aspire to awaken passion in youth through music.

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