Visual Hopes


Photo by Behcet Alkan.

It’s hard for someone like myself who lived in the Middle-East, experienced wars, missiles and bombs, to visualize hope. Especially if I know the reasons behind these wars, whether it’s the arms industry or resources such as oil. War and fossil fuels bring profit. Humans on the top of the hierarchy fail to acknowledge the planet’s needs due to their unnatural greed. The elites behind damaging industries, whether to the peoples or environment, don’t operate like mother Earth. Mother Earth destructs and builds, but builds more than destructs. It ensures that her species survive, while those behind wealth and power just destruct. The greatest source of pain is when my native land is being colonized due to resources, and that is oil. I saw an entire neighboring country crumble and fall because the Bush family had an oil dispute with Saddam Hussein, the murdered ruler of Iraq, not because his country had weapons of mass destruction. I saw mothers shout on Middle-Eastern TV news and cuss oil. This is not shown on Western media. Humanitarian aid can do so little with war atrocities. When the safety is gone, and the shelter is gone, how can one visualize hope? Especially if one knows about the industries responsible. Defending Muslims and being anti-racist isn’t enough. We need to build awareness of the dangers at hand and the purposes of all the media and government brainwash. The native Indians are standing against the fossil fuel industry in North America, the same industry that brought violence and destruction to the Middle-East. It’s important for the people to be aware of major reasons behind all these worrisome trouble affecting both humanity and the planet. People are dependent on their cars and filling it up with gas, and want to address racial issues at the same time. I write lyrics about that, I sing about that to try to inform of the real problems behind war, discrimination and pollution. Here are the lyrics to my band’s song Boogieman that we currently open our act with:


Scare me

Hey hey

Devil to slay

He’s my boogie man yo!

With pizzazz!

Boogieman tried to step on my temple

Boogieman loves his avocado

Boogieman drinks tea like the Queen of England

Boogieman smokes like Winston Churchill

Boogieman oh! Boogie boogie

Boogieman corrupts with his world bank

Boogieman only wants his white master

Boogieman man is making a nazi sign

Boogieman only wants his wealthy clan

Boogieman oh! Boogie boogie

Boogieman lobbies his corp & industry

Boogieman conquers the land of others & makes you hate their resistance

Boogieman steals all the resources, blood for oil, oh boogie!

Boogieman is ignorant of world culture

Boogieman oh! Boogie boogie

Boogieman is happy with his turkey, socks & stuffing!

Boogieman says God bless America and takes a dumb on this land

Boogieman knows soldiers die for gas

Boogieman wears a mask, is for your equality, as long as it’s not his economy

Boogieman oh! Boogie boogie

Boogieman schemed 9/11, it’s his inside job

Boogieman hires advisors & hitmen

Boogieman likes to fine dine with his pricey wine

Boogieman wears a soft shirt, leather shoes & drinks his aged scotch

Boogieman claims he knows politics, but nothing about the people…

Boogieman oh! Boogie boogie


Hieroglyphics on Rosetta Stone.

The gap in my work is understanding the whole picture, and concepts and ideas as a hole. I have always been an abstract thinker, being able to conceptualize parts, but not understand the whole. The whole in my mind is hard to grasp, it’s too big. I like details and can visualize them. Details and parts help me create and build notions, but it’s hard for me to complete a thought. I find it odd when people say complete thoughts. Thoughts are never complete. I never managed to find the main idea in literature comprehension. It was explained to me. I chose the wrong answers. I always had help in writing papers and thesis. My work is there, I just needed someone to point out to me the thesis statement. I like the modern world. I get to share abstract thoughts and they can be understood. I can tweet, write a status, share an image, emoji or song and be understood. People can understand symbols now, they don’t have to rely on language and its rules for communication. My lyrics are abstract, so are my poems. They can be heard or read and understood. While I struggled with abstract thoughts and communication growing up, I feel the modern world of art and communication is adhering to my mind, rather than my mind adhering to it.












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