The Silence in my Work


Silence by Odilon Redon, 1911, France.

My work breaks silence, which I don’t mind. Silence terrifies me. The only silence i’d appreciate is the silence of eternal sleep. As long as I’m breathing, and can hear myself breathing, I’m scared of silence. I pressure myself to talk, even when not interested to talk, because I’m afraid of the silence of others. I have a compulsion to break silence through my voice. I’m a vocalist. It’s what I do. When I’m humming or singing, my voice echoes and bounces, sometimes heard through large speakers. I don’t if know if the crowd in the space can hear what I’m saying, but I know they can hear my voice.

It’s been said that silence is golden, not sure if they applies to activism. Silence might be golden when it comes to sharing our intentions or plans. What other qualities does silence have? Silence is peaceful, as long as it’s not occurring under oppression, it is peaceful. When all the voices that are in or out, and come from any side, stop, it tends to be peaceful. Silence of the oppressed is criminal, because it adheres to oppression and violence. Silence is mysterious too. There is nothing to know with silence. It keeps the thinker wondering, assuming and bewildered.

I associate silence with the nothingness. The nothingness that physicists call dark matter. I think silence would be black if it had a color. Perhaps there is silence in a black hole. Silence is eternal sleep. Silence can be experienced when traveling through outer space. Where humans are not able to breathe, they can’t make a sound, it is silent. I think the galaxies are surrounded by darkness and silence. I think the Creator or Creation herself is silent, longing for light or sound. I don’t think a creator speaks, a creator is silent. The creator might speak through its creations. The force of creation may prefer silence, and listen in on ideas of creation.




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