Holding the mic might portray me as a musician, yet there is more to my art. Emerging as a poet first, fancied my words to be both heard and read. My poems were always lyrical. It’s meaning with rhyme, not vice versā. Rhyming creates catchy phrases and verses, giving an ironic twist to my radical thought. Influencing its innocent, and making it less fierce.  Another element that softens my lyrical poetry is music, adding melody to the rhyme. The rhythm is deceiving, as the music is cheerful, and upbeat, yet the lyrics can be dark, depressing and dreary. My art is a vessel of expression. It helps elevate my mood, releases my stress, and harness my anger. Many individuals aren’t aware of the power of creation when on an emotional whirl. It is an empowering tool. My bond I have with my band mates is powerful and strong. Creating art in a safe space with no judgment, respect and love, nourishes the soul. We let our ego aside and develop naturalistic reactions to each others’ sounds.



With my art form, I can be loud and expressive. I tell my band mates how I feel. Their melodic guitar riffs go along with my melody. We take turns in creating melodies for each song, developing tolerance and understanding. I put on a top hat in every performance, made by hat makers who were appointed by her majesty the queen. My alter-ego becomes alive with my act and performance. Every notion in my being rejects the idea of the proper lady I was prepared to be in a conformed society. I put on a top hat that a gentleman once wore. I get to express myself creatively, and confident to do so because I’m with my band mates who know about my skills and act, and support it. My fantasies come to life. I embrace the madness, highs and lows, and joys of creation.

I get to be everything my alter-ego wants me to be. The audience are usually exuberant when they listen to our band’s music. Disco beats are meant for dancing, not attacking the oligarchy and system of government. My artwork would be of no purpose if it didn’t address the social issues of our time. My art involves activism, through my lyrical poems and words. I help build awareness subliminally, while people are enjoying the musical skills of my band mates. A political discussion doesn’t necessarily have to be a heated debate, it could a fun song to listen to. The idea behind the tunes is to grab their attention, remind them of these harsh realities in a subtle fashion and entertaining manner. My voice is my instrument. Yet, I’m more than a vocalist, I’m a performer, actor and dancer too. Singing, generating bizarre vocal effects, acting on stage, moving my body and feet, and interacting with the crowd. Through my art forms, I get to incorporate little bits and pieces of the elements of literature, music, dance and theater. I accept my peculiar and awkward self, therefore, I feel more accepted. I may be portrayed as a punk singer, yet I bring more to the table. Personal emotions are vibrating. The voice within is heard as I try to raise the public’s consciousness. The written words provoke thought, and tip my hat to our audience. I wish to create the same bond and opportunity that I have with my band mates for the energized youth, and have them express themselves through musical and performance skills in groups.

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