Ambidextrous Word Play

Word Play


I didn’t use my writing hand, and I found myself trying to write the minor nuances I can think of. They are mostly feelings, emotions, or simply unpleasant and insignificant actions that can damage the individual subtly, especially at a young age. I felt like I was child trying to write what I felt, and trying to express the emotions or actions that bothered me.


The second part of word play almost felt empowering, like I was rising against what has weakened me. I used my writing hand to draw big letters. I wasn’t giving command by these words. They were more like affirmations or assertions. I was so assertive I used two colors, purple and blue. I initially chose blue, but then I felt like doubling with the purple for a higher luminous aura. These are gestures, and feelings that are so pleasing.

Meld Opposites


I have combined the list of words. I felt this is was more of a therapeutic activity, rather than an artistic one. I was initially supposed to create word maps, or make a matrix map. Instead, I followed the not so complex instructions of the ambidextrous word play, and I ended up writing my own complex words that described some of my issues as a child. Here are the following terms that I melded or matched. One would think of me as a disturbed semi-traumatized child has, while in reality I’m an adult in my thirties who underwent a lot of therapy, and should’ve healed by now. I even made my parents apologize to me for things they didn’t do. The child inside me likes to whine a lot. It’s as if a portion of my ego hasn’t developed, and still thinks like a child. I think this is why I end up behaving like a child sometimes. I’m much more calmer as an adult. I kept the innocent and fun aspects of childhood, and tackled the undesired qualities or traits. First step was for me to make sure that I would never remain vulnerable or silent. I didn’t matched the word silent with any other word.  My mind can understand what I did with this activity is not only a creative process, but healing one as well. Stubborn individuals, like myself,  need to constantly remind themselves of how they are healing, or why, because I can’t say I’m healed. The process of healing is continuous. The issues began the moment we popped from our mothers’ wombs. And they never stops till we die, hence, the constant need for healing.

Heal ≠ Insult

Accepted ≠ anxious

Evolve ≠ Anger

Rise ≠ fear

Humiliation ≠ Respected

Obscured ≠ Real


Explosive behavior ≠ Be Wise

Loved ≠ alone

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