A Predilection to Play


Josephine Baker

My whole act wouldn’t have occurred if it wasn’t for play. I’ve been playing my entire life. I played serious roles at jobs I hated. I played sad roles to get what I want. I played funny roles to win the hearts of people. Playing in the creative process is what makes the process creative. We play with ideas, terms, words, thoughts, and notions. We play with our own egos, or an opponents’ or competitors’ mind, thus sparking invention, and creation. We play with darkness that are melancholic emotions, and light, which are joyful emotions to create as artists. We play with colors. We play with the stroke of the brush. Josephine Baker was one of the very expressive silent actresses who played with her face expressions, mainly her eyes. She crossed them, and people laughed, they adored her. When playing, we are not designing, because real play is based on imagination. When placed in a safe and secure environment, there are no limits to play. It’s impulsive, free and spontaneous. One creates through the flow of imagination, and playing is an expression of that. What we play, we are capable of doing. Through people’s reaction, we are able to acknowledge the significance of our play in the many forms it manifests in.








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