The Voice of Now

What are our times asking for?

An awakening…


© Pierre-Alain D. / 3mmi Design

Nationalism is on the rise, even in a country like France, where surreal art stemmed from, where the fashions that unified the styles of the globe’s citizens were designed. The media is becoming more liberal, yet the majority of the people in the west seem to be voting for conservative parties, and the far right.  As an observer first, and artist second, I believe that our times are asking for an awakening, and I believe that’s what’s currently happening. What is an awakening? Its literal definition is awareness coming into existence. The young and old are becoming aware of certain aspects, traits, characteristics that exist in human societies. The current attributes to human societies aren’t pretty, at least what’s coming into surface. Racism, chauvinism and xenophobia is something adventurous travelers, curious seekers, active artists, open and progressive souls have struggled with. Now, there is an awakening, and through this existing awareness, transformation or change is evoked.

What “signals of now” does my work give off?

As a poet, lyricist, rebel, punk, and singer, I get to resist what is coming into awareness. I am part of this resistance. I contribute with my presence, art and performance. My work signals the change we need in human societies to evolve and transform.

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The music band I’m in could fall under the Art Punk sub-genre. The lead guitarist in my band is a superb visual artist, and the bassist is a writer with geeky hobbies. I’m the vocalist, and a poet. We are an experimental electropunk group that integrated different art elements. Our current songs that we perform are political based. We have songs like ‘Boogie Man’ that conveys the ugliness that’s coming into awareness. Another track is ‘Egyptian Magic’ that addresses the actions activists would take in order for the change, and transformation to occur. I think the following lyrics would describe what I’m trying to express here best.

Egyptian Magic

Look out kids

Fear is gonna get ya

Look out kids

No Paranoia

*Egyptian magic baby

Look out kids

They can’t get ya

They’re gonna try to fight ya

Call your doctor: 911,

He can’t afford ya

*Egyptian magic baby

Where are they building?

Look at your cities

Overseas destructing

Profits are piling

& your taxes aren’t for ya

*Egyptian magic baby

Look out kids

It’s the media

Subliminal messages

Out there to control ya

*Egyptian magic baby

Blast their screens

Burn their magazines

They got news?

What darn news?

Bull**** source.. Bull**** source

We got force, yeah, coming.. We got fourth!

Guns are whack.. Hit the sack

**It’s Egyptian magic baby, it’s a revolution baby…

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