After working at Mission Hill and Boston Arts Academy after-school tutorial program, part of Boston Public Schools, Mounira Marzouki initiated the QUE program. QUE is a program with a mission to inspire inner city youth, and provide them with the necessary tools to develop artistically and musically. Recognizing the value of self-expression, she created a safe learning environment where the members at the QUE program would be free to express themselves through music and communication. As a member in a Boston band, she and her band-mates have developed in several underground, d.i.y. gigs, as well as various promoted music venues. Through her connections and familiarity of the scene, she saw an opportunity to serve the communities in the greater Boston area. QUE seeks to promote the well-being of the participants. A good portion of the program consists of volunteers. The volunteers are local musicians who give time of their week to teach our members how to play musical instruments, as well as perform and sing. QUE encourages its staff, members and families to build a sense of community and connect to local artists and musicians. QUE is in the quest of positively impacting the lives of the participants.